Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a vibrant and significant celebration marking the beginning of the lunar new year in the Chinese calendar. This year, Chinese New Year 2024 will be observed on Saturday, February 10. Steeped in centuries-old traditions, the festive occasion typically spans 15 days, with the climax occurring on the eve of the lunar new year. Celebrating Chinese New Year is an immersive and joyous experience characterized by vibrant traditions, cultural richness, and a spirit of renewal. Families come together for elaborate reunion dinners, sharing auspicious dishes that symbolize prosperity and good fortune. Streets come alive with the rhythmic beats of dragon and lion dances, colourful lantern displays, and the resounding crackle of fireworks, all contributing to the festive atmosphere. As you celebrate Chinese New Year 2024, we at LatestLY have compiled a list of destinations in Asia that you can visit for the celebrations. Lunar New Year 2024 Traditions and Superstitions: Things To Do for Good Luck, Prosperity and Abundance in the Chinese New Year.

Beijing, China

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the heart of the festivities in China's capital, Beijing. The city comes alive with vibrant decorations, traditional performances, and grand events. Witness the iconic Temple Fair at Ditan Park, where locals and visitors gather to enjoy cultural performances, taste traditional foods, and partake in various festive activities.

Representational Image of Chinese New Year (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Hong Kong

Experience the lively atmosphere of Chinese New Year in the dazzling city of Hong Kong. The renowned Chinese New Year's Night Parade, featuring elaborate floats, vibrant costumes, and mesmerizing performances, is a highlight. The iconic Victoria Harbour is illuminated with a spectacular fireworks display, adding to the celebratory ambience.

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong (Photo Credits: NeedPix)

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, with its rich cultural heritage, offers a unique Chinese New Year experience. Join the Dihua Street Lunar New Year Market, where traditional goods and festive treats abound. The Taipei Lantern Festival showcases beautifully crafted lanterns, while the city's temples host traditional ceremonies and performances.

Representational Image of Chinese New Year (Photo Credits: Flickr)


Immerse yourself in the multicultural celebrations of Chinese New Year in Singapore. Chinatown transforms into a hub of activities, featuring dazzling light displays, lively street performances, and a festive market. The Chingay Parade, a grand event with vibrant floats and cultural performances, adds to the festive spirit.

Chinese New Year Decorations Along New Bridge Road, Singapore (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur offers a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian traditions during Chinese New Year. The city's iconic Petaling Street, in the heart of Chinatown, is adorned with red lanterns and lively decorations. Join the cultural performances and dragon and lion dances, and indulge in a variety of delicious traditional foods available throughout the celebration.

These destinations provide a rich cultural experience, allowing travellers to immerse themselves in the traditions and festivities of Chinese New Year while enjoying the unique local flavours of each location.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2024!

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