Road trips are exciting, especially if you travel with your best friends. During a road trip, it is not only the destination but the entire journey that counts. The open road is an invitation to travel through and create many memories. However, road trips also require a lot of planning. One has to consider all aspects like safety, location, halts, accommodation and much more. If you are planning a road trip this season, we have some quick tips to make it unforgettable with proper planning. Travel Tip of the Week: Things You Must Carry For a Hassle-Free Long Road Trip.

1. Plan Your Route and Breaks in Advance

Road trips involve driving on long road stretches. Your route may include highways and the "kachcha" roads in some parts, depending on your destination. Planning your route and deciding how many kilometres you will be halting is best. Ensure your rider does not feel too tired.

2. Multiple Riding Support

Having multiple drivers when heading on a road trip is very important. In any emergency, you should be able to alternate your drivers without halting your journey. This ensures that not one person feels overburdened, and each of them can rest while the other one drives. Travel Trends: From 'Revenge' Road Trips, Reunion Vacays to Workcations, Here's How Tourism Industry May Make Its Comeback.

3. Pack Light

Pack light when you venture on a road trip, leaving you more space to sit in the car. Ensure everyone has small bags which can be fitted into the dicky or the carrier.

4. Prepare a Playlist

A road trip is no fun without some great music to vibe to. Prepare a good playlist of fresh tracks well in advance so you can even become the DJ in the car. You will find numerous online road trip playlists that you can download and keep. Travel Tip of The Week: 15 Simple Hacks To Make Sure You Travel Like a Pro!

5. Research the Conditions

Be it the weather or the road, try to find out more information about how things are going. Check weekly forecasts to gauge the weather of the place. You can also call the hotel guys and check the road conditions to your destination.

Your road trips can be great fun if everything is in order. Don’t forget to have an estimated schedule to reach your destination on time and enjoy the journey. Recheck all the safety measures, and you will be good to go!

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