Happy National Tourism Day 2020! Today marks the celebration of Tourism Day in India which is marked to promote Indian tourism. Tourism Day aims to promote the importance of tourism for the country's economy from an industrial aspect. India is known the world over for its rich diversity and multiculturism. And one can experience the best of it by travelling through different states at different times. India has different topographies to suit every kind of traveller. It has tall mountain ranges to scenic beaches. Each state has its distinct cuisine which also makes India a foodies' paradise. On this tourism day 2020, we give you ten places in the country which you should visit this year. Offbeat Destinations in India to Go on a Winter 2020 Vacation.

Gulmarg, Kashmir


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If you have never experienced snow before, then Gulmarg is one place where you can experience it to the extreme chills. It is the winter wonderland of the country and Kashmir is indeed a beautiful state, rightly called the heaven on earth. This year, the winter has been generous so Gulmarg continues to be the wonderful snowy paradise in the nation.

Camel Fair in Pushkar


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Pushkar region of Rajasthan is a famous pilgrimage centre. And every year it comes alive during the annual camel fair also called Camel Fair. It is an annual multi-day livestock fair, which is one of India's largest camel, horse and cattle fairs. Other than the trading for livestock, it also sees cultural events and competitions display traditional folk performances.

Hornbill Festival in Nagaland


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The Hornbill festival is held every year in the month of December and is called the 'Festival of Festivals.' It is a sacred festival for people of the Naga tribe but a cultural delight for those to witness. It also encourages an inter-tribal interaction and to promote the cultural heritage of Nagaland which has been celebrated since the year 2000. Happy World Tourism Day 2019: Top 5 Off-Beat Locations to Explore and Travel in India.

Jaisalmer Desert, Rajasthan


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Enjoy the vast expanse of sand and visit the "Golden City" of Rajasthan. There is a yellow sandstone architecture and sand dunes which look like gold in the shining sun. One of the best ways of enjoying the desert life is camping into the deserts. Besides, Jaisalmer is also adorned with lakes, ornate Jain temples and Havelis that will make you go back in time.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


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For a lover of mountains, there are many mountain ranges to be explored in the country, especially in the north. But Spiti Valley is a relatively unexplored region in Himachal, which is now an emerging tourist spot. The temperatures here are mostly below 0 degrees which make it a winter wonderland spot once again. The world's highest post office is also located here in Hikkim, so you can send out letters to your loved ones from here and make it memorable for them too.

Kotagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu


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Kotagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu is one of the oldest hill stations in the Nilgiris range and if you are someone who loves indulging in nature, this is just perfect. Located near to another hill station if Ooty, this place is for those who love greenery. Even the summers here are pleasant.

Butterfly Beach, Goa


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Goa is rightly called the beach capital of India and sees an influx of tourists almost all throughout the year. But if you are someone who wants a quaint and calm beach atmosphere, then Butterfly beach is a secluded spot distinct from other beaches in the state. There is a definite charm in secluded beaches and to reach here one has to trek for about half an hour or take a boat ride. This secret spot is getting explored by tourists off late and you should definitely visit here this year before it gets commercialised.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


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Your exploration in India would be incomplete without experiencing the holy vibe of the city of Varanasi. It is called the spiritual capital and one of the holiest cities of the country. The Ganga ghats which see a regular aarti of the river has an aura that you have to be present to experience. There is a holiness in the atmosphere and for a country that boasts of coexistence of different faiths, Varanasi has to be a destination to be covered.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


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Tawang is a very beautiful hill station in Arunachal Pradesh and a perfect combination of nature's beauty intertwined with peaceful monasteries. If you love exploring into Buddhist art and culture, Tawang is an extremely sacred place that one can enjoy in spirituality. You can also experience the cuisine of the place which is unique to the area.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh


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Pachmarhi, popularly known as 'Satpura ki Rani' (Queen of Satpura) is the only hill station in Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. At 1100 m it has a beautiful combination of nature and religious history. According to legends, the Pandava brothers visited Pachmarhi during their exile. There are serene waterfalls here and the ancient Buddhist caves which like we mentioned earlier is a combination of nature and historical beauty.

We have tried to list down places which are distinctly different from one another and cover different landscapes in the country. If you are making travel plans in the country, visit some of the above-mentioned destinations to know about cultural diversity.

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