Europe Day is marked every year on May 5 and May 9. The annual observance is kept by the Council of Europe and the European Union respectively on these two days. Europe day essentially recognises the peace and prosperity within the continent since their formation. May 9 commemorates the Schuman Declaration of 1950. Both the days are celebrated by displaying The Flag of Europe. On this Europe Day 2019, let us explore the tourism experiences the continent has to offer. Europe covers about 2% of the Earth's surface making up the western fifth of the Eurasian landmass. And with both water and hilly terrain, the continent has plenty of lovely places to visit. It carries cultural heritage, eye-pleasing scenery and some of the greatest destinations to explore in the world. Let us look at 5 summer destinations you can head to in Europe.

5 Summer Destinations to Visit in Europe

  1. Greece:

    Santorini Islands, Greece( Photo Credits: Pixabay)

    Visit the Greek islands which carry a mythical appeal with its beautiful landscapes, incredible weather and sandy beaches. The places carry a great history which is reflected in its architecture and the islands have a beauty that will leave you spellbound. Mykonos Island, Santorini Island, Crete Island, Rhodes Island, Corfu Island, Ithaca Island, Samos Island, each of the Greek Islands has something so splendid to offer with a mix of beauty and nature.

  2. Portugal:

    City of Portugal (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

    Portugal has a rich culture, exquisite countryside and a diverse landscape from green mountains to beautifully soothing waterfalls. You can explore a desert-like landscape to beautiful beaches in Lagos and Faro district. With so much to offer, it is also one preferred destination for summers.

  3. Scotland:

    Scotland castle (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

    If you love nature, then Scotland has a bounty of it. A clean, unspoilt destination intertwined with history in its corners, the place has many places to explore. Some of the popular must-visit destinations would be the Edinburgh Castle, Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle, Loch Ness lake, Dundee, Parklands in Perth. There are also many golf courses here and if you are a fan of the game then you need to pay a visit here.

  4. Croatia:

    Croatia Photo Credits: Pixabay)

    If you'd love to explore towns by the beach then Croatia is beckoning. There are about 10 sites in Croatia which are on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites and 15 sites on the tentative list. A top destination for booming tourism, the Adriatic Sea coast offers a wonderful experience, especially if you want to explore in the Mediterranean lifestyle. With moderate summers a drive around the Balkans or stay beside the blue sapphire waters, Croatia is a wonderful treasure.

  5. Iceland:

    Northern Lights in Iceland (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

    An abundance of volcanoes mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, completes Iceland. The terrain is rough but if you love something different than typical adventures then Iceland is the best. You can experience caving, ice climbing, running here and the weather is wonderfully cold. One of the most famous reasons to visit here are the spellbounding Northern Lights.

Europe has a lot more to offer in terms of cuisine and culture. The list for places to visit in Europe can go on as it is surrounded with so much natural beauty and countries with significant past. Each country in here has something to offer. The tourism in the continent is booming and is seeing only arise. One trip here will not do justice to how much one can explore within.

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