Avian Migration is a popular process in which birds fly thousands of kilometres to different countries in search of a better suitable environment to pass through the seasons; these are known as migratory birds. World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated to raise awareness, highlight the importance of conservation of migratory birds and their natural habitats, and do our parts in helping them survive through migration season. The day is celebrated two times a year, the first of the second Saturday of May and again on the second Saturday of October. World Migratory Bird Day 2022 is celebrated on May 14. India is a popular destination for migratory birds like Siberian Cranes, Greater Flamingos, Blue Tailed Bee Eater, etc. And nature enthusiasts around the country look forward to this season because they get to engage in watching these majestic birds in their full glory.

There are many bird sanctuaries and national parks in India to find these migratory birds. Travellers and nature lovers plan trips around this time to have excursions and look at these migratory birds visiting India. Since 2006, people have observed this day twice and now organise bird festivals, exhibitions, awareness campaigns and bird watching excursions to celebrate this day. World migratory Bird Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 14. Here is a list of all the best places you can visit to watch these migratory birds in India.

5 Best Places In India To See Migratory Birds

1. Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat - Flamingos, Pelicans

Places To Visit Migratory Birds In India (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A coastal salt marsh piece of land is a part of the Great Rann of Kutch in the Kutch District of Gujarat. Common migratory birds spotted here are greater flamingos, pelicans, and more.

2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa - Black Bittern, Red Knot

Places To Visit Migratory Birds In India (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Named after the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is heaven along the lines of the Mandovi river, filled with mangrove forests and is a breeding ground for local and migratory birds. Famous migratory birds spotted here are Little Bittern, Red Knots and Black Bittern and many more.

3. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan - Painted Stork

Places To Visit Migratory Birds In India (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Once known as a popular spot for the Siberian crane, Keoladeo National Park, or known as Bharatpur Bird sanctuary, is a great area to spot migratory birds like Painted Storks, Palaearctic migratory waterfowl and is home to non-migratory birds like Sarus cranes and Magpie Robins.

4. Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, Odisha - Pintail Ducks, Eurasian Bills

Places To Visit Migratory Birds In India (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A large ecosystem nearing two islands, Chilika Lake is home to 9 Lakh migratory and non-migratory birds like waterfowl, waders, flamingos, herons, Geese, ducks and 14 types of raptors. The most common migratory birds seen here are Pintail Ducks and Eurasian Bills.

5. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala- Egrets, Siberian Cranes

Places To Visit Migratory Birds In India (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A wonderful sanctuary is another popular destination for migratory birds. Situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is visited by migratory birds like Siberian cranes, Egrets, water Ducks and more.

This event is organised by the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) to draw attention to the declining health and habitat of migratory birds. The organisations develop a theme each year to highlight an important issue. The theme for 2022 is Impact of Light Pollution on Migratory Birds, and the official slogan is " Dim the Lights for Birds at Night!". The focus of this issue is on nocturnal birds that migrate at night due to light pollution.

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