Vietnamese People Are Setting Their Face on Fire For Youthful Skin, Bizarre Beauty Trend Goes Viral
Fire therapy in Vietnam. (Photo Credit: YouTube/CGTN)

It looks like bizarre beauty trends are not going to stop any time soon. The beauty enthusiasts seem to be always on the hunt of ways to look youthful. The most recent beauty trend that is taking social media by storm is the fire therapy. Yes! Believe it or not, fire therapy is the newest beauty trend that people are daring to try out for youthful skin. This latest beauty trend comes all the way from Vietnam wherein people are setting their faces on fire with an intention to preserve their youth. Latest Beauty Trend: DIY Wax Nose Jobs Are Going Viral on Instagram, Here’s How You Can Easily Re-Shape Your Nose at Home (Watch Videos).

Reports have it that some healthcare centres have the license of performing the practise offer therapy as medical treatment. Few spas and beauty salons in Ho Chi Minh City are reportedly licenced and advertise the service to cure illnesses and rejuvenate the skin. The process includes bringing an open flame near the facial skin. It looks like the face has been set on fire. Alcohol-soaked towels are used to cover the faces of people who want to get the fore therapy done. Then the alcohol-soaked cloths are set on fire and reportedly kept on the skin for 30 seconds to a minute after which the fire is put off by placing another towel on the face.

Take a look at this video of fire therapy being performed-

The therapy claims to not only rejuvenate your skin but also curb a few health issues like headaches, muscular pain, sleeplessness and other digestive health issues.

Setting your face on fire even for a few seconds doesn't seem like a great idea. The facial skin is delicate, and also you have to be very careful with the eyes and the chances of being suffocated. Apart from threatening people's health by causing burns or asphyxiation, the process can also cause accidents.