Wendi hired her own life coach and began a 5 year healing journey that eventually led to a career change out of the pharmaceutical industry and into building a successful coaching practice. Her core philosophy is: you are never too old (or to anything) to change your life, however, we often need guidance to help us figure things out.

The big shift out of corporate America was a scary one. Wendi had been a single mom for many years raising her two sons and her profession helped her financially be able to do so. It didn’t help that most of her loved ones told her NOT to leave a successful career at this stage of her life.

Wendi said, “I remember feeling...you don’t want to get to the end of your life and be regretful. I have a mission in my heart that I must follow. I worked from the time I could remember: hitchhiking to the donut shop I worked at in high school, putting myself through college as a cashier for 4 years at Publix, and working second jobs most of my life painting houses and hanging wallpaper to make ends meet, I must at least try.”

One burning question lingered in her mind that became the name of Wendi’s first book “What is your Destiny?” and the answers kept playing over and over again in her mind- to empower men and women around the globe to tap into their power and help them use their voices for good in the world. So Wendi took the leap of faith, resigned, and jumped into the world of entrepreneurship full time.

That first year Wendi embarked on her new destiny and built a social media presence of 20K, starting working 1:1 with clients, and began speaking on every platform that would have her. Wendi said “I had other coaches coming to me and asking me how I built my coaching practice so quickly. That is when I began holding masterminds which led into a coaching certification course and helping other coaches launch, grow, and scale their business.” I knew without a shadow of a doubt if I could do this, others can as well.

Wendi equips her coaching clients with the same sales, science, and spirituality concepts that she used in her own transition from corporate into a successful coaching consulting profession.

  1. Write a book to build your credibility and authority
  2. Start speaking both virtually and in person.
  3. Share your story, purpose driven message, and heart centered mission- Your Why.
  4. Give generously. Stand out by giving so much value that people will pay you for more.
  5. Always work on your own mindset. Walk your talk. Practice what you teach.
  6. Build relationships. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to be better, do better.
  7. Be visible and build a tribe, community or network of people whom you can support.

According to Wendi, to achieve success, coaches need to be willing to pull back the curtain and share the real deal. She says “We don’t need more fluff. We need more authentic, raw and straight talk. Instead of focusing on what we “get” from others, the opposite is true. It’s not about getting the sale, new lead or client, it's about building relationships with real people and helping them get what they need.”

She encourages her coaching clients to step into the shoes of their own clients. Empathy is an important attribute in the coaching field. “Most of us yearn for a better life but just don’t know how to get there.” People know when you really care and sales naturally come if you are delivering a solution to their problem mixed with a compassionate heart.”

Wendi has built her 10 year Business Coaching practice around this concept that now serves over 15,000 members of the group she founded, The Speakers and Coaches Networking Society, hundreds of private clients, and many more through her professional speaking career.

Her life is her message “it is never too late. “ Regardless of your life circumstances or your insecurities, it is possible to redirect your destiny to create a new career and life you love.