What is Masturbation? The act of pleasuring your own self by touching your genitals/ reproductive organs is called masturbation. Whether it is men or women, both the sexes masturbate to satisfy their physical needs and bodily desires. While it has been proven that masturbation is healthy, indulging in too much of it can lead to an addiction, which, isn’t normal. It is for the individual to eventually decide how much is too much and masturbate in a way that it doesn’t lead them to addiction. Is Masturbation Good or Bad? 5 Weird Things Science Says About ‘Self Love’ That Will Blow Your Mind. 

What Happens When You Masturbate?

Masturbation is an act to satisfy yourself. When women masturbate, they orgasm. The orgasm doesn’t usually last for more than six seconds, however, it totally depends on the capacity and stamina from person to person. As for men, they also masturbate to satisfy the sexual urge inside of them. In most cases, men ejaculate when they masturbate.

What is Ejaculation?

When a man has an orgasm, his penis releases a white fluid, which also contains his sperms in it. This process is termed as ejaculation. While some women too can ejaculate, it is mostly rare for them to release a fluid when they orgasm.

Can You Injure Yourself While Masturbating?

The most basic tip to keep in mind while masturbating is to cut your nails. You can’t and you shouldn’t have long nails or anything pointed go inside your body, especially your genitals. The internet is filled with bizarre experiences of men who have reported getting injured while masturbating. While it is unlikely in most cases, masturbating too hard can lead to an injury.

Is It Safe to Masturbate?

Absolutely. Masturbation every once in a while, in fact, has been recommended by sexologists and experts as it helps in releasing the sexual tension being built-in inside you. You can also try and use sex toys every once in a while to have a different kind of pleasurable experience.

Also, some people try and experiment with inserting objects inside their private parts. This can be all fun and thrilling until it gets to a point where the object hurts you. Hence, it is advisable to carefully insert objects inside your body.

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