Baripada, July 8: A 10-foot venomous snake was found in a hospital in Odisha’s Baripada. The snake was found in Community Health Center (CHC) of Baripada’s Rangamatia. One can only imagine the horror of the patients who must have discovered that the snake was lying at the place where they had come for treatment.

News agency ANI showed the video of the snake being taken out of the community health centre. As soon as the locals found about the snake, they informed Similipal Tiger reserve.

The Similipal Tiger Reserve rescue team then reached the spot and rescued the snake as the local people stood watching the rescue operations. Here is the video of the snake getting rescued by the Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR):

A local said that the snake was about 10 feet long and was first spotted by a cat which started meowing after noticing the cat. It was at this point that the health center officials realised that there was a 10 feet snake in the center. Patients were first taken to a safety spot and the forest rescue team was called which came and rescued the snake.

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