10-Foot-Long King Cobra Rescued From Super-Fast Train in Uttarakhand (Watch Video)
King Cobra rescued in Uttarakhand (Photo Credits: Dr. PM Dhakate Twitter)

Snakes are being found in the weirdest of places today. From bathrooms to ceilings, these reptiles are easily spotted in residential areas. Considering the comfort of human homes, snakes seem to be out in the quest for it. While that is just one side of the story, a King Cobra was recently found on a super-fast train in Uttarakhand. The 10-foot-long snake was coiled up above the wagon wheels near the door of the compartment. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the snake was rescued by the forest department. Four-Metre Long King Cobra Rescued From Sewer in Thailand (Watch Video)

A clip of the rescue was shared online by Dr PM Dhakate, a Field Forester with Uttarakhand Forest Department. It shows two forest personnel carefully putting a snake into a crate. Sharing the clip, he wrote, "#KingCobraRescue a 10 foot King Cobra snake was rescued by the UKFD rescue team along with RFP Kathgodam Railway Station, India. Both the teams ensured safekeeping of passengers, mob, keeping the train on schedule & rescuing the animal. Later King Cobra was released in the forest." 14-Foot-Long King Cobra Caught in Assam's Jiajuri Tea Estate, View Pics!

King Cobra Being Rescued From Train in Uttarakhand:

The King Cobra was taken out from the wheels in a joint operation by the Uttarakhand Forest Department and RPF. The reptile was removed when the train stopped at the Kathgodam Station. A video of the operation which was shared on social media shows a rescue team carefully removing the reptile from the locomotive. The snake was later released in the wild. Earlier this week, a Class 5 student died in Kerala's Wayanad district allegedly after being bitten by a snake. The school has been accused of negligence.