TikTok and other social media platforms have evolved into a hub for burgeoning workplace trends that resonate with millennial and Gen Z employees. This demographic, more inclined than prior generations to challenge toxic work environments, utilizes the platform to share insights and strategies for navigating their professional lives. What Is Coffee Badging? Know About Newest Workplace Trend Among Employees as Companies Ask Them to Return to Office. 

Post-pandemic, emerging trends such as 'quiet quitting' surfaced in response to the glorification of overworking in hustle culture. Check out some of the workplace trends on TikTok and Instagram in 2023 that have garnered massive cumulative views and attention, offering an intriguing glimpse into the evolving work landscape.

Quiet Hiring

It refers to employers filling workplace gaps without officially hiring new personnel, often resulting in existing employees shouldering additional tasks without corresponding pay increases. This practice can induce burnout and resentment among workers and may involve reassigning employees to different roles within the company.

Quiet Firing

It involves a subtle process where employers edge out workers without explicitly terminating them or executing layoffs. Tactics include making the work environment unpleasant to encourage self-initiated departures, such as excluding employees from meetings, bypassing them for promotions, or curtailing perks and work flexibility.

Rage Applying

It occurs when dissatisfied employees vent their frustration by fervently sending out job applications after feeling undervalued or overlooked at their current jobs. This can stem from being passed over for promotions, feeling underappreciated, or experiencing dissatisfaction in their work environment.

Career Cushioning

This acts as a safety net against potential recessions or layoffs, involving strategies like keeping a robust LinkedIn profile, networking, and actively seeking new job opportunities to preemptively secure options if facing job loss.


It involves employees remaining in unsatisfactory jobs due to financial constraints or a lack of alternative prospects, particularly during uncertain job markets, fearing limited options if they leave their current role.

Shift Shock

Also known as new hire's remorse, refers to the regret or disillusionment felt by new employees when the job differs significantly from their initial expectations during the hiring process. This discrepancy can prompt short tenure or employees returning to their previous employers.

As we reflect on the vibrant tapestry of work trends in 2023, these phenomena underscore the evolving nature of work, demonstrating an industry-wide commitment to adaptability, employee well-being, and innovation in the modern workplace.

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