The recent trend going viral on TikTok is the '75 Hard' Challenge. The trend involves drinking a gallon of water daily for 75 days straight. Dieticians around the globe have warned against this challenge which is gaining momentum online. The challenge also resulted in the hospitalisation of a Canadian woman who tried it. The excess water consumption affected the health of the woman who suffered complications after trying the viral '75 Hard' Challenge. What is Boat Jumping Challenge? Know Everything About the Dangerous TikTok Trend That Claimed Four Lives in Alabama.

What Is the '75 Hard' Challenge?

Recently #75Hard was trending on TikTok, where people shared their journey of attempting the '75 Hard' Challenge using the hashtag. The viral trend involves drinking a gallon of water (around 3.7 litres) daily for 75 days straight. Along with drinking water, the viral TikTok challenge also involves exercising twice daily and consuming a strict diet.

Dangers of the '75 Hard' Challenge

A Canadian woman named Michelle Fairburn tried the #75Hard Challenge, which affected her health so much that she had to be hospitalised. Michelle, who is a real estate agent from Toronto, documented her journey of the 75 Hard Challenge and said that she started feeling weak and dizzy on the 12th day of the challenge. What is Car Surfing Challenge? Know All About Dangerous Social Media Challenge That Caused the Death of 16-Year-Old Boy in Colorado.

Michelle Fairburn, who drank four litres of water every day for 12 days, claimed feeling more ill and uneasy after trying the challenge. On consulting a doctor, Michelle was diagnosed with severe sodium deficit, which can turn fatal. As per health experts, drinking a gallon of water daily may be too much for some people and not enough for others. Dieticians around the globe have advised people to practice caution while attempting the viral TikTok trend.

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