9-Year-Old Boy Hysterically Cries on the Street in Brooklyn as Woman Accuses Him of Sexual Assault, Video Goes Viral
Woman called cops to report sexual assault by 9-year-old boy (Photo credits: Video grab)

The reporting of sexual crimes, harassment and abuse cases is seeing a rise as more and more woman are coming up and talking about their horrific experiences. But a woman in Brooklyn recently went overboard when she accused a 9-year-old boy of sexual assaulting her who apparently just brushed past her in the supermarket store. The woman started shouting and called 911, reporting a sexual assault by the little boy. The boy was crying on the streets, accompanied by his mother, who was trying to calm him down. The video of the entire incident has been captured on video and is going viral on social media. Student Speaks Up About Sexual Assault at High School Valedictory Function, Authorities Cut the Mic; Watch Viral Video. 

The woman can be heard shouting and on the call, she is heard saying, "That's right, the son grabbed my ass and she decided to yell at me. I was just sexually assaulted by a child." She created a big scene outside the store and people around too were shocked at her statements. The little boy was accompanied by his mother and sister. Both the children were crying loudly, while the mother tried to control them. The complainant woman meanwhile said she could submit camera footage to prove that she was assaulted. Woman Called 911 to Report About Whales Getting Closer to Their Boat, Gets Trolled Online, Watch Video. 

Watch Video of Woman Complaining About Being Sexually Assaulted by a 9-Year-Old Child

As the video went viral on social media, people too commented that the woman should be reported for making such a claim. They pitied the children who were crying hysterically. The passerby too tried to tell the woman what she was up to but she was not ready to listen. She knew that she was being recorded but did not really care less. She also got into a fight with another lady who tried to intervene. The tensions escalate as more and more people join to see what is the commotion. But clearly, the irate woman is listening to nobody and drops her name and address for the cops. People have expressed their anger for causing such a trauma and confusion, making an issue out of nothing.