Lucknow, December 27: In a bizarre incident, a family in Uttar Pradesh's Agra has accused their daughter-in-law of being addicted to gutkha, a tobacco-based product. They said that they tried to persuade her to quit the habit, but she refused to listen and continued to chew gutkha under her ghunghat, a veil worn by some women. They also complained that she spat gutkha all over the house while doing household chores.

The woman, however, denied the allegations and counter-accused her husband of having extramarital affairs with other women. She said that he left her because of her gutkha consumption, which was a false pretext. She also said that he had many girls’ phone numbers on his mobile and that she had overheard him talking to them. UP Shocker: Groom in Sambhal Calls Off Wedding After Bride Blows Kisses to Guests, Her Mother Dances and Smokes Cigarettes at Marriage Ceremony (Watch Videos).

According to reports, the woman came from Chhatta and married a man from Shahganj. Ever since she moved to her in-laws’ house, she had been chewing gutkha secretly under her ghunghat. Her husband decided to leave her after failing to convince her to stop. The matter then reached the Family Counseling Center.

The woman also alleged that her husband and in-laws abused her and threw her out of the house because she could not conceive a child. The Family Counseling Center, however, found that the marriage was on the verge of collapse due to the woman’s gutkha addiction. They have given the couple another date to try to resolve their issues. HC on Divorce: Wife Not Preparing Food for Husband Due to Lack of Cooking Skills Is Not Cruelty, Says Kerala High Court.

In another incident, a groom in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal reportedly called off his marriage after he spotted his mother-in-law dance while smoking a cigarette during the pre-wedding festivities. The incident happened in Sambhal district, where the arranged marriage was scheduled to take place on June 27. After arriving at the venue, the groom was apparently shocked to see his bride's mother join the festivities and dance while smoking a cigarette.

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