The internet is an amalgamation of everything. From things you are desperate to know the things you would deter to see, social media platforms have it all. Some days it is just funny memes emerging from a piece of news about scientists establishing an alien contact, while on other days, it is about it finding similar facial expressions between two completely different actors. And now is the time to reveal the 'strikingly' similar facial expressions of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Michael Scott in The Office played by Steve Carell. The Twitter thread has gone viral with a number of such photos of both the actors in various attires making the same face. US Woman Describes Indian TV Soaps Perfectly in This Funny Twitter Thread! Check out the Hilarious WFH Memes.

While we may otherwise find it difficult to find similarities in both Akshay Kumar and the character Michael Scott, these pictures may make you believe that they have a lot in common. From holding a gun to photos in sunglasses to wearing turbans, these two men have a lot of things that look alike, well arguably! Latest Meme Templates For Free Download: From Hera Pheri Dialogues to Coffin Dance Video, These Meme Formats Will Help You Make Funny Jokes.

So Do They Cry Alike?

Other That the Turban, What Do You See?

Well, That's Quite Similar!

Love For the Same Kind of Shades!

Well, We Would Not Comment Here:

Same Smile?

Here, What Do You Think?


HAHAHA Who is Who?

As the pictures went viral, social media users were convinced too about their similar features. While some commended their looks, others praised their efforts in search of the men's similar-looking features. Most of them thanked them for giving them a good laugh and complimented their observation skills. Meanwhile, some did not want to believe that they looked the same and wanted to believe that they were completely different and had nothing in common. Well, to each its own. We hope you loved seeing the funny thread and let us know if you have more such interesting observations.

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