Mumbai, February 6: A chatbot developed by Google has revealed some of the potential threats that humanity could face from an alien invasion. The chatbot, named Bard, is a generative artificial intelligence tool that can create stories, poems, and dialogues based on user input.

Bard was asked by the Daily Star to imagine some of the ways that aliens could use their advanced technology to attack Earth. The chatbot responded with a list of spooky scenarios, ranging from gravity manipulation and teleportation to biotech and hyperspace warfare. 'Alien Ruins' Are Everywhere in Space, Says Ex-US Army Pilot Who Claims To Have Communicated With Two Aliens for 92 Days.

Aliens Could Use Mind and Gravity Control To Dominate Earth

According to Bard, aliens might be able to bend gravity, create wormholes, or teleport across vast distances, allowing them to launch surprise attacks or destroy entire cities. They might also have weapons that can reshape landscapes, disintegrate targets, or harness the power of stars for massive explosions.

The chatbot also suggested that aliens could have sophisticated biotechnology that could manipulate or control organic lifeforms, including humans. This could lead to mental manipulation, neural interfaces, or pre-emptive strikes based on predicted weaknesses. Aliens Are Watching Us? Extraterrestrial Beings Are Snooping on Earth, but With a 3,000-Year Delay; Says Study.

'Conventional Warfare Would Be Futile'

Finally, Bard warned that conventional warfare would be futile against aliens who could unleash unimaginable destructive power from hyperspace, rendering traditional defences obsolete.

Bard is one of Google's experiments with large language models, which are trained on vast amounts of text data to generate natural language. The chatbot is designed to help users collaborate with generative AI and bring their ideas to life¹². However, it also shows how AI can imagine scenarios that are beyond our current reality, but not necessarily impossible.

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