Mumbai, January 20: There have been various claims on the internet regarding the existence of aliens, and we try to contact the extraterrestrials by sending infrared signals or probe satellites, but what if they are also spying on us and seeing our major landmarks on Earth with their high-tech devices from far away? A new study says it is possible. But there is a twist; they are not watching us as we are now, but as we were 3,000 years ago because that is how long light travels across space.

A new study suggests that aliens are using their ultra-advanced telescopes to spy on Earth from thousands of light years away. But they are not seeing us as we are now. They are seeing us as we were 3,000 years ago because that's how long it takes for light to travel across space. So, they might be able to spot the ancient monuments and buildings of the Romans, Greeks, Indians and Egyptians. Do Aliens Exist? Here's What NASA Administrator Bill Nelson Has to Say on Possibility of Alien Life and UFO Sightings (Watch Videos).

The study, published in the Acta Astronautica, is titled "Are we visible to advanced alien civilizations?" and authored by ZN Osmanov, a Research Affiliate at the SETI Institute. He calculated that 3000 light-years is the maximum distance that aliens could detect our activities on Earth, based on the laws of physics. The study also classified alien civilisations according to their technological levels. The categories are Type-I, which uses all the energy that reaches a planet from its star; Type-II, which uses all the energy of the star; and Type-III, which uses all the energy of the galaxy. Aliens Spotted in Brazil? Viral Videos Show 10-Foot-Tall 'Strange Beings' on Hilltop Days After Miami Mall Incident.

The study asks: "Can the telescopes of ETs see and recognise the artefacts of our technological society? "Since the question is to associate our society with civilization, the main focus should be the search for large ships, buildings, space satellites, etc. Such artefacts could be easily distinguished as artificial constructions.

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