American Guy Is Winning Hearts With His Telugu Speaking Skills, Watch Viral Video
American Guy, Isaac Richards (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ Ganesh Kesana/ Facebook)

Foreigners speaking Indian languages fluently is no exception. We have often encountered people from foreign lands, acing various languages while bracing our culture and traditions. However, a foreigner speaking Telugu to his customer in his land, is a rare sight. And that is what has made the netizens talking and gushing over. In a recent viral moment, an American guy, living in Utah, was captured greeting his customers in their mother tongue, Telugu. Thanks to his fluency, the man, identified as Isaac Richards has become an Internet sensation in India and the number of views in his viral video is only increasing. Bengaluru Cab Driver Speaking Sanskrit Fluently Goes Viral, Twitterati Cheers His Skill.

Richards’ video was taken by a group of Telugu customers who visited his ice cream outlet Haagen Dazs, in Montana. The group can be seen cheering for the American guy, for his awesome command in the Indian language. And why not! At first, the customers are heard trying to speak in English, and Richards insists them to speak in their mother tongue, which he is so well-versed. The video is shared on Facebook and it so far has received more than 2.7 thousand views.

Watch Viral Video Here:

After his video went insanely viral, Richards took to his own Facebook account to greet all his fans in India and thank them for such an overwhelming response. He even clarified that he is from the United States and not New Zealand, as some people had earlier assumed.

Watch Richards Thanking His Indian Fans 

Richards is a missionary and human rights, student. In the viral video, he explained that he had visited Hyderabad and even spent a year each in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Looking at such an overwhelming response, the American even promised to come up with more videos and jokes in Telugu and explain how he learnt the language.