Ecuador, January 12: Ecuador has found a massive city concealed by the lush vegetation of the Amazon rainforest. A system of roadways and canals connected the homes and plazas in the ancient city located in the Upano valley, as reported by the BBC. The outlet went on to say that the region is shaded by a volcano, which has produced fertile local soils. LiDAR, commonly referred to as laser scanning or 3D scanning, is a widely used remote sensing technique that measures distances using light. This finding was discovered using this technique.

This site is the oldest that we are aware of in the Amazon. Prof Stephen Rostain, director of investigation at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France, who oversaw the research, told the BBC that although they had an overly Eurocentric conception of civilization, this indicates we need to reevaluate what culture and civilisation are. Mystery Behind 4000-year-old Mummy Found at Deir El Bersha, an Ancient Egyptian Necropolis Solved by FBI.

It modifies our understanding of Amazonian civilizations. The common perception of ancient humans is of tiny, maybe nude groups living in huts and clearing land; yet, evidence illustrates that they were part of complex urban communities, one of the co-author of the study Antoine Dorison stated. According to scientists, the city is older than other pre-Columbian settlements found in the Amazon, dating back between 3,000 and 1,500 years. It also claimed that people have lived there for up to a millennium. Israel: Archaeologists Unearth Large Trove of Early Islamic Gold Coins Near Yavne.

Despite the fact that the LiDAR study was conducted in 2015, the findings were only released recently. It showed more than 6,000 elevated earthen platforms within an area of 300 square km. According to the study, post holes and fireplaces on these former wooden dwellings have been discovered during excavations. There were five significant communities in the region investigated, according to the research team. Regarding the road system there, the assessment found that the longest one is at least 25 km long.

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