Angry Wife Climbs on Top of Car Roof at Signal in China After Fight With Husband, Watch Viral Video
Wife climbs on husband's car in China (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Husband wife fights can take an unexpected turn and it is always a tough choice to decide who will convince and make up for the fight. While some fights can turn really ugly, a husband and wife fighting in China got funny, although the result is really shocking. A video has come up online which shows an angry wife getting atop a roof of the car after having a fight with her husband. The incident took place in the middle of the road at a signal post, causing confusion for the cars behind. Someone managed to capture the tantrums of the wife after she climbed on the car roof and the video is now going viral. While the footage may seem funny to some, it was actually a very dangerous behaviour exhibited by the wife. Drunk Chinese Man Tests Wife's Love by Standing on Busy Road, Gets Hit By Moving Vehicle (Watch Viral Video).

The woman surnamed Ma got into a fight with her husband while they were driving on a road in Xiangxi, Hunan province in South China. The angry woman got atop the car roof and was seen stamping on the car. The shocking incident took place right in the middle of the road causing some traffic disruption as well. The traffic police caught the driver without a driving license, as per People's Daily. Angry Girlfriend Slaps Her Boyfriend 52 Times For Not Gifting Her a Phone on Chinese Valentine's Day! (Watch Viral Video).

Watch Video of Angry Wife Getting on Top of Car Roof in China:

As per reports, the couple got into a heated argument and when the husband ignored his wife for a while, she got so furious, she climbed atop his car at a signal. She started stamping on it and seen muttering something in rage. She was on the car roof even as the traffic signals turned green. She posed a risk not just to herself but even others who were driving around their car. She eventually climbed down and they rode away.

The footage quickly went viral and traffic police managed to get hold of the couple. The husband was imposed with a fine for driving without a license, while the wife was let off with a warning.