Melbourne, November 7: Do you think rebirths are real? Some individuals sincerely believe in it, even if some think it's a myth. It is believed that a person's spirit reincarnates through several incarnations in various bodies. Not everyone, though, holds this opinion. Now and again, incidents involving rebirth or past-life experiences emerge from one or the other part of the world. Recently, an Australian woman stunned her followers on social media by sharing a similar experience of her son's 'rebirth'.

Laura Maja, asserted on social media that her four-year-old toddler can recall his previous existence. Laura clarified that due to a miscarriage, her previous baby was not born, but her present son 'is instead her previous child'. Her son has clear memories of these occasions, according to Laura. She claimed that her son came to her one day and revealed that he had been her son before he passed away in his previous life. Luca, her son, then started to remember every detail of his past existence, said Laura. Princess Diana’s Reincarnation? 4-Year-Old Boy in Australia Claims to Be Rebirth of Princess of Wales.

Laura said in a statement that she had never discussed her miscarriage with Luca. In addition, Luca recounted the loss in the same manner as Laura had throughout her own pregnancy. Early in Laura's pregnancy, she started to haemorrhage. She had miscarried by the time she went to see a doctor. According to Luca, he passed away and turned into an angel. Laura said that he opted to be born again via Laura since he recognised her and recalled this. Andhra Pradesh Shocker: Unable To Bear Harassment, Woman Hacks Husband to Death Over Drinking Issues.

Meanwhile, people on social media are confused by Laura and Luca's story, which also raises concerns about the mysteries of life, death, and the possibility of reincarnation. Such tales continue to pique people's interest, whether or not you think such events are real.

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