New Delhi, November 5: Blind mystic Baba Vanga who is also known as the ' Nostradamus of the Balkans' died decades ago, but many of her predictions are said to have come true long after her death. Baba Vanga is said to have foretold major world events like the 9/11 terror attacks, the death of Princess Diana, the Chernobyl disaster, and Brexit.

Vanga’s followers believe that the blind prophet also predicted the exact date of her death. Baba Vanga whose original name was Vangelia Pandeva Gushtarova had made some terrifying predictions for the year 2024. Baba Vanga Predictions for New Year 2023: From Alien Attack to Solar Tsunami and Emergence of Lab Babies, Here's List of Chilling Prophecies by the Famous Blind Mystic.

Though Baba Vanga passed away in 1996, her visions continue to be regarded by many as significant. Baba Vanga had predicted that some major events will take place in the year 2023. Baba Vanga's Prediction for 2023: From Alien Attack to Solar Storm; 5 Terrifying Prophecies By The Famous Blind Mystic That Point To The End of The World.

Baba Vanga’s Predictions For Year 2024

For the year 2024, she has made seven prophecies.

  1. Assassination Attempt on Russian President Putin: Baba Vanga foresaw an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin by a fellow countryman.
  2. Increased Terrorist Attacks: Baba also claimed that that a "big country" will carry out biological weapons tests or attacks next year. She also predicted that terrorists will carry out an attack in Europe.
  3. Huge Economic Crisis: Baba said there will be a huge economic crisis that will impact the global economy next year. She highlighted several contributing factors such as an increase in debt levels, further geopolitical tensions and economic power shifting from the West to the East.
  4. Cyber Attacks: Predicting a surge in cyberattacks, with advanced hackers targeting critical infrastructure, such as power grids and water treatment plants, posing a significant national security threat.
  5. Medical Breakthroughs: Baba has offered positive news in the medical field and said there will be new treatments for incurable diseases including Alzheimer's. She also said there will be a cure for cancer in 2024.
  6. Terrifying Weather Events and Natural Disasters: Baba Anticipated an increase in natural disasters and alarming weather events.
  7. New Treatments for Incurable Diseases: Baba said there will be new treatments for incurable diseases including Alzheimer's and cancer in 2024.

Baba was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in 1911 and lost her eyesight mysteriously at the age of 12 during a massive storm. When her family found her days later, she told them about her first vision, as per reports.

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