If people in parts of Eastern Bengaluru were asleep, they must surely have woken up to the loud thud heard this afternoon! The mysterious sound was heard across the International airport, Kalyan Nagar, MG road, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Sarjapur, Electronic city to Hebbagodi. While the cause of the sound is yet to be ascertained, Desi Twitter is up with their theories. From alien invasion to Thanos, funniest speculations are trending on Twitter. People from the city will forget the panic of the situation when they see the latest funny memes and jokes. Bengaluru Loud Sound: Was it Sonic Boom? Here's What The Term Means.

The immediate reaction of those who heard the sound was whether it was a blast or was it an earthquake. The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre (KSNDMC), has confirmed that it wasn’t an earthquake. While speculations if it was a boom fighter jet Mirage 2000 are still questioned, Twitterati has started making their wild guesses. From aliens finally visiting the planet to it just being the burp of 2020, the meme reactions are too funny!

Check Some Tweets About Booming Noise Heard in Bengaluru:

Jaadu is that You?


Let's Tick This Too?


People RN

Let's Leave The Planet

Alien Conversations

Looks like people are really excited to meet with the aliens here. That's the most common reactions that are trending on the loud sound. Well, let us wait till have officials confirming on the source of this thud.

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