Two of the most anticipated and talked about films of the year are releasing on the same day, and it is obvious to cast confusion among fans. Barbie, a lavish story that has painted everything in pink, will be released along with Oppenheimer, a story that talks about the making of the first nuclear bomb on July 21.

While both films are from very distinct genres, the excitement to watch them on the same day has got everyone curious. And as the release dates are coming closer, netizens have opted to make funny memes and jokes about the situation. Over the past few days, Barbie vs Oppenheimer memes have taken over the internet, and we have compiled a few of them for you. Barbie Vs Oppenheimer: 20K Americans Buy Tickets to Watch Both The Films on July 21 in Theatres.

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan is apparently not very pleased with the fact that the two films are clashing at the box office next week. The clash between both movies is rare as makers in Hollywood usually avoid such major releases simultaneously. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie stars Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in lead roles which have also piqued the excitement. The marketing strategies used for the film promotions even led to a shortage of the colour pink. Meanwhile, netizens have resorted to expressing their situation in memes and jokes. Oppenheimer: Director Christopher Nolan Says He Wrote the Screenplay for Movie From a First-Person Perspective.

What a good utilisation of puns and words!

Could be Friends


Clash of the Promotions


Perfect Outfit for the Movies


Reportedly, More than 20,000 people have already purchased tickets to see Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day. Now it remains to be seen at the box office, which movie lives up to its hype. Which one are you excited about?

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