Bhopal, January 25: In an unusual turn of events, a woman in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has filed for divorce from her husband following a dispute over their honeymoon destination. The couple, who got married in August last year, had initially planned to visit Goa for their honeymoon. However, the husband, an IT engineer, insisted on visiting a domestic religious place instead, citing his elderly parents’ desire to visit a temple.

ABPlive reported that despite the husband’s insistence, the couple eventually agreed to visit Goa. However, the woman alleges that her husband informed her a day before the trip that they would be visiting Ayodhya and Varanasi instead, at his mother’s behest. This sudden change of plans led to a heated argument upon their return from the trip. HC on Divorce: Wife Not Preparing Food for Husband Due to Lack of Cooking Skills Is Not Cruelty, Says Kerala High Court.

The woman has accused her husband of breaking her trust and prioritising his extended family over her since the beginning of their marriage. She has submitted her divorce application in a family court in Bhopal. HC on Denial of Sex by Spouse: Wife’s Refusal of Having Sex With Husband for Extended Period Amounts to Mental Cruelty, Valid Reason for Divorce, Says Madhya Pradesh High Court.

The couple is currently undergoing counselling sessions under the guidance of Shail Avasthi, a relationship counsellor. Avasthi confirmed the woman’s allegations and stated that the counselling session for the couple is still underway.

It remains to be seen how the counselling sessions will affect the couple’s decision to divorce.

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