Binod is here, there and everywhere! What caused Binod to trend is something only netizens will understand and hard to explain. Long story short, Binod is now trending on international platforms for reasons unknown to them too, well, lucky Binod. The latest to join the bandwagon is Netflix, Amazon and Tinder, how could they manage to live without tweeting about Binod until now is a little worrying though. However, Binod has lured them too and everyone is after him. After all the funny memes and GIFs on Binod's attempt to garner attention, Tinder thinks Binod is looking for a match! Isn't Binod complete in himself, then why to worry for a partner, whatever be that, Binod is now planning to go out on dates with Binodini. Well, good luck on that and considered COVID-19 situation, we would request you to postpone that plan. Binod Funny Memes and Jokes Are Trending on Social Media but Who Is Binod? Know About This Latest Viral Trend Over YouTube Comments.

Here's What Tinder Tweeted:

As Binod is becoming famous, Armaan is trying to get fame using the same tactics. Armaan's efforts became so evident that Netflix India had to tweet about him.

Here's What Netflix Has For Binod:

Rahul is out of the picture, we believe in 2030 Binod will be the new household names. Why else will Amazon Prime replace Rahul with Binod?

‘Call Me Binod,’ Anonymous French Hacker, Elliot Alderson Joins the Funny Memes Trend, Desi Twitterati Wonders if He Has Any ‘Indian Connection’.

Amazon Introduces The New Binod in Town:

Swiggy became best friends with Binod in the meanwhile and is even wishing them birthday before anyone else.

Meet Swiggy's Best Friend:

We want to know what the real Binod has to say about this or maybe Binod doesn't know that he is trending. Does he know he is trending or is he just commenting his name everyone like he used to?

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