A man in Japan has exhibited such bizarre sexual fantasy, that it stinks quite literally! A middle-aged man was recently arrested because he stole nearly 70 pairs of shoes because sniffing shoes gave him the kicks! In this day and age, you cannot really predict what will be sexually enticing to people. Sexual fantasies are no more restricted to beaches or cars, but something thought unthinkable or disgusting for one, can be sexually stimulating for another. Most of you would be twisting your nose or frowning at the thought of shoe stink, but 40-year-old Makoto Endo finds pleasure in it. Chinese Man Inhales Smelly Socks Daily, Contracts Lung Infection.

Endo is on trial for his theft when he admitted that smelling the shoes, gave him sexual pleasure. He is suspected of stealing 70 pairs of shoes worth about ¥300,000 in Saitama and Tochigi prefectures. He committed the theft during a period of one year. He is now being tried for the thefts. "I did it to get sexual pleasure by sniffing the smell of well-worn shoes, regardless of their owners being men or women," he was quoted to the police. Japanese Man Claims He Dated a Cockroach, Fantasised About Having Sex and Ate Her After She Died, Watch Video!

The police suspected him of the crimes and he was arrested in September last year. When the police searched for his house located in Tochigi, they found a large number of shoe boxes. He has a weird fetish for shoe smell and he got kicks from the odour of well-worn shoes. Although he is now arrested by the police, it is still unclear about how he managed to steal so many pairs of used footwear.

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