As we dive into Black History Month 2024, it is only natural that people are curious about people who were key and impactful in shaping African American history. These individuals broke colour barriers, overcame hurdles, and smashed every difficulty that came their way. Their determination and success will continue to inspire people for ages to come. Black History Month reminds us to respect the past and work together toward a more inclusive and diverse future. A future where all voices matter and every story counts.

These individuals have made a big impact on African American history. Since it's Black History Month, naturally, these topics are trending.

First Black President: Barack Hussein Obama II

First Black Baseball Player: Jack Roosevelt Robinson, a.k.a. Jackie Robinson

First Black Astronaut: Guion Stewart Bluford Jr., a.k.a. Guy Bluford

First Black Senator: Hiram Rhodes Revels

First Black Supreme Court Justice: Thoroughgood Marshall, a.k.a. Thurgood

First Black NFL Player: Fritz Pollard

First Black Woman In Space: Dr. Mae Jemison

First Black Superhero: The Black Panther

First Black Millionaire: Madam C. J. Walker

First Black NBA Player: Earl Lloyd

Let's keep celebrating these incredible stories and figures in African American history. Most importantly, let’s remember that their legacy is not just for a particular month. They will continue to be a source of inspiration for many in the days and years to come.

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