Boy’s Whistling Cough! Not a Disease, but a Toy Whistle Lodged in His Throat: Watch Video
Toy Whistle Lodged in His Throat (Photo Credits: The New England Journal of Medicine)

Never assume, that your child’s cough is merely a cold. It could be something more serious! One boy in India had a cough that squeaked. Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, cured him after removing a toy whistle which was lodged in his throat. Yes, you read that right. You can watch the video below to confirm. With a series of tests done in the hospital, doctors finally discovered the reason behind his whistling cough. The unidentified patient was brought to an otorhinolaryngology outpatient clinic last year following a persistent cough for two days. Infant Branded With Hot Iron Rod As a Cure For Cough and Cold. 

According to a case report published in The New England Journal of Medicine on August 9, the 4-year-old boy repeatedly coughing had an ‘intermittent whistling character.’ Doctors determined that the young patient who otherwise felt fine had no history or symptoms of an infection in his throat. However, his parents informed the doctors that he had been playing with a whistle before the onset of his coughing.

The video shows the child repeatedly coughing and releasing a wheezing, whistling sound when he inhales. 

After taking an X-ray of the boy’s chest, the medics saw that his left lung was hyperinflated. Science experts say that hyperinflation can be caused by blocking the air passages to the lungs, or by certain medical conditions such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. Through the report, a presence of a foreign body blocking some of the airflows in the boy’s left lung was found. It could not be definitively identified.

The doctors performed a bronchoscopy—a procedure that involves inserting a thin tube called a bronchoscope down through the throat and into the lungs. Using this tool, the doctors were able to find the mysterious object, which turned out to be a toy whistle. After a one-year follow-up visit, the doctors confirmed that the child’s health was right and he was no longer whistling.