In a world where K-Pop bands are ruling the music industry, there are a few who somehow finds a way to drag them down by passing on sickening racists remarks. Earlier this month, popular Blackpink member, Lisa experienced hate and racist comments that sparked the debate on how Asians are often mistreated. Now it is the K-Pop boy band, BTS, who became the victim of racism after a German radio presenter compared the singers to coronavirus. A tweet documented Bayern 3 presenter Matthias Matuschik’s hateful ‘jokes’ about how BTS is similar to a virus-like COVID-19 and that the boy band should go on a 20-year “vacation” to North Korea. After the tweet went viral, K-Pop fandom, ARMY flooded Twitter, demanding an apology from the radio presenter.

Who is Matthias Matuschik?

Matthias Matuschik is a German radio host of the station Bayern3. He made ‘disrespectful’ remarks about the Grammy-nominated group BTS after their MTV unplugged performance. The radio host compared the boy group with COVID-19, called them a “sh***y virus,” and slammed the Billboard Hot 100 topping K-Pop group for covering Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

Here's What He Said:

While on air, speaking in German, he even cursed one of the world’s biggest boy band. He says, “Nothing against South Korea. You cannot say I'm xenophobic only because of a boy band from South Korea...I have a car from South Korea...Korea rules. Well, South Korea. But BTS actually did a MTV Unplugged; for a boy band, Unplugged is already a paradox in itself,” as translated by media outlets. “For this, you [BTS] are gonna go on vacation to North Korea for the next 20 years,” he added.

Tweet Translating Matuschik's Distateful Remarks:

With the tweet going viral, people slammed the German radio presenter and demanded an apology. Enraged by such disgraceful remarks, some even pointed that he was not only racist towards BTS, but to the entire Asian community.

ARMY Demands Apology:

Racism Is Not An Opinion

K-Pop Fans Enraged By the Hateful Remarks

People Are Disgusted!

Amid the ongoing rage, Bayern 3 issued a statement noting it was Matuschik’s ‘personal’ opinion against the boy band, which even made the situation worse. The clarification read, as noted in media reports, “Host Matthias Matuschik voiced his personal opinion on the very successful South Korean band BTS and their cover of ‘Fix You’ of Coldplay in ‘MTV Unplugged’ and many of you complained about this. It is the nature of the broadcast and the host to clearly, openly and unflatteringly voice his opinion.”

The radio host hasn't released any public statement, nor did he apologise for his distasteful, racist and xenophobic comments. Meanwhile, ARMY continues to demand an apology from the show host and stand in support with the boy band BTS.

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