If you have grown up in an Indian household then you have some remarkable memories of receiving beatings from your parents. These days, parents are lenient and may not beat their children. But until about a 10-15 years ago, cane sticks, wooden ruler to chappal were among favourite weapons for mothers especially to hit their children and get them to obey orders. Chappal being such a common item that someone decided to change the meaning of the word on Google search engine. If you search for Chappal meaning in India it shows you, "a device used by Indian parents for reshaping their kids for a better tomorrrow." Haha, can you deny? Our FRIENDS Feels Are Being Attacked by Google's 'Friends Glossary' on American Sitcom's 25th Anniversary, Try It Yourself!

For those who are genuinely aware of what a chappal means, it is one of a pair of sandals, usually of leather, worn in India. But someone decided to change it for a funny meme and the usage is too apt. Especially if are you are among the lucky (or unlucky?) ones to have received beatings from your mother with a chappal, you can relate to this meaning much better. And now even Google knows it. Meaning of 'Bhosadike' in Sanskrit Shows 'Sir, Are You Well?' Is The Viral WhatsApp Message True or Hoax?

Check Google Search Funny Meme of Chappal Meaning in India:

Chappal meaning (Photo Credits: Google Screenshot)

Here's the Meme:

It is no wonder why we often read, "Flying chappal received" as a reaction to something that goes against our parents. You must have seen the reaction to many other jokes on social media when the person back answers to their parents and gets a "flying chappal". But back in the day, there was no flying but a direct chappal hit on you. Have you been hit by a chappal in your childhood?

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