How many of you have seen Chhota Bheem? Even if you haven't seen the entire series, just a day on social media platform Twitter will let you know the entire plot, at least the main part of Bheem's marriage to Rajkumari Indumati! As the cartoon series has been retelecasted on amid the Coronavirus lockdown situation, people are analysing this cartoon too. And the part of Bheem's marriage to Indumati has upset many as he ditches his childhood friend Chutki. It started as a movement in itself on Twitter as people started #JusticeForChutki hashtag. It was a top trend and people reacted with funny memes and jokes expressing their displeasure at Bheem's marriage to Indumati. And well, we have got you some videos from the cartoon series which have Bheem and Indumati together. #JusticeForChutki is Trending on Twitter as Chhota Bheem Lovers Are Disappointed Over His Marriage to Rajkumari Indumati and Not Chutki! Really?

For those who are completely off the grid, Chhota Bheem is a story from the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur. The series features the adventures of Bheem along with his friends Chutki, Raju and Jaggu. The team is usually solving various problems, unravelling mysteries, fighting evils that seek to harm their village. Amid all the fun and fiction, Bheem's marriage to Indumati, the daughter of Raja Indraverma has upset viewers. Despite, Chutki being with him at all times, they wanted to see her getting married to Bheem. #JusticeForChutki continues to trend with funny memes and jokes. We have some videos of Bheem and Indumati, which root for the #JusticeForChutki.

Watch Videos of Chhota Bheem With Indumati:

Chhota Bheem and Indumati Trip to Rajasthan:

Chhota Bheem and Gang Visit Taj Mahal:

In all of the above videos, you can see while Indumati is there, but Chutki is always present by Chhota Bheem's side. These instances are making netizens demand #JusticeForChutki. Well, we can never predict what goes viral on the internet these days? It is just new target for people to make memes and laugh over.

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