Beijing, November 22: In a bizarre incident reported from China’s Yunnan province, a burglar’s attempt took an unexpected turn when he was caught red-handed while taking a nap during the robbery. The robber entered a house in Yunnan province in southwest China but got spooked when he heard people talking inside. So, he decided to wait in a separate room until the homeowners went to sleep. However, the criminal smoked a cigar and fell asleep himself. 

South China Morning Post reported that the thief, known by his surname Yang, loud snoring eventually woke the homeowner, Ms Tang, from her slumber. Initially dismissing the noise as coming from a neighbour's house, she later realised the source was much closer than expected. NYC Walgreens Theft Video: Thief Uses Blowtorch To Steal Products From a Store in Queens, CCTV Clip Goes Viral.

Upon investigation, she discovered the unexpected guest, Mr. Yang, peacefully asleep on the floor in another room. Ms Tang promptly contacted her family and the police, leading to the arrest of the intruder. Thief Trying to Rob People With Fake Gun Shot Dead By Customer 9 Times At US Restaurant; Watch Video .

The cops revealed that the intruder had a criminal history and was even jailed for theft in 2022. He resumed his "old profession" after being released in September, the cops said, adding that for now, his case remains under investigation.

This comes after, a burglar who had broken into a house in Thailand to steal valuables became tired and fell asleep. But in an unfortunate twist for him, the house belonged to a police officer. The burglar was woken up from his slumber by the cop and he was arrested for trespassing.


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