Christmas 2018: ‘Snowman vs Snowman’, Brookings’ Inflatable Creatures Fighting Video Goes Viral
Snowman Vs Snowman (Photo Credits: @ABC/ Twitter)

This year has just fast-paced, and we are sure of not being the only one feeling the same. There are hardly a few days left for the merry time of the year, and people cannot keep their calm. Since, we entered December, Christmas is headlined almost everywhere. Some are bizarre, while others are fun, Christmas 2018 videos and photos have surfaced the internet. A recent video which is going viral has to be the best one so far. Captured in Brookings, United States, a Christmas display got a little wilder than the creators probably intended. Cats Have Been Wrecking Xmas Trees, Giving Headaches to Pet Owners Everywhere. 

The county in Oregon reportedly has been facing stormy weather these days. Apart from almost ruining the decorations, the winds wreaked havoc on this inflatable holiday display. Well, the video shows two inflatable Snowmen who seem to be engaged in—fighting. And it is hilarious AF! The video (now viral) was first posted on Facebook by American television broadcasting company, ABC and the netizens cannot get enough of the “fighting.” Winter Memes 2018: Share These Funny Jokes and Pictures To Chill in This Holiday Season. 

Watch the Video of Snowmen Fighting at Brookings.

ince the time, the video was uploaded, it has been shared more than 10,000 times (still counting). The title, “SNOWMAN VS. SNOWMAN” rightly implies the two creatures fighting and people seemed to buy that conclusion. Can you spot the Taco Bell and KFC behind the snowmen’s intimate relationship? The video is in almost all the social media platforms now including Twitter. It is definitely a teaser, and we only crave what more Christmas 2018 has to offer us!