The novel coronavirus outbreak has forced countries to order a lockdown. People are asked to stay at home and go out, only when necessary. The move has been made to slow the further spread of COVID-19 that has infected people in millions, so far. Amid the pandemic, some people were spotted breaking the lockdown protocols, increasing the risk of the virus to transmit from human to human further. As per the latest update, crowds of people were spotted gathering at parks and other public places, in an apparent breach of lockdown rules. Videos and pictures surfaced online displaying how individuals broke coronavirus lockdown rules, as they sat in local parks and beaches, eating and drinking. The furious netizens in a bid to shame them, trend #COVIDIOTS along with memes and jokes. Covidiot Funny Memes and TikTok Videos: These Jokes on Violators of Social Distancing Guidelines Show Why It's Better to Stay Safe At Home. 

The public gathering was reportedly a part of VE Day celebrations, which marks the anniversary of the end of World War II, when fighting against Nazi Germany to end in Europe. It is a significant holiday in the country. The ongoing nationwide lockdown urged people to stay at home and observe the VE Day anniversary. The rage increased, after a video of a street party in a suburb of Portsmouth, a city in England surfaced online. Netizens were quick to note that the residents were breaching social distancing rules, while commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Similarly, more pictures appeared on social media from different corners, showing people relaxing in local parks and enjoying picnics. From Covidiot to Zumping, Hilarious Words Gen Z Has Come Up for the Coronavirus Era. 

It raged the netizens, and once again, #COVIDIOTS began to spread online. To those who are unaware, COVIDIOTS are those who refuse to take the novel coronavirus seriously. They do not practise social distancing or stay at home. Netizens were quick to shame them and remind the importance of the following lockdown.

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There are more than 215K confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom with more than 30K deaths and is still rising fast. The government has put in place a strict lockdown in an attempt to deal with the pandemic. Britain is one of the hardest-hit countries by COVID-19.

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