London, January 10: A 26-year-old mother of three from Salford, Greater Manchester, died after undergoing cosmetic surgery in Turkey. The surgery, known as a Brazilian butt-lift, involved transferring fat from other parts of her body to her buttocks. The deceased was identified as Demi Agoglia.

According to the Sun report, Demi had the operation on Thursday and was supposed to fly back home on Monday, January 8. However, she started to experience chest pains a few days after the surgery. On Monday, she and her partner, Bradley Jones, went to the clinic in Istanbul for a follow-up appointment. On their way, Demi suffered a heart attack in the taxi. Bradley tried to save her by performing CPR, but it was too late. Demi was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. UK: 16-Year-Old Girl Dies From Blood Clot in Brain Weeks After Taking Contraceptive Pill to Ease Period Pain.

The cause of Demi’s death is believed to be a fat embolism, a rare but serious complication of fat transfer procedures. A fat embolism occurs when fat droplets enter the bloodstream and block the vessels that supply oxygen to vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, or brain.

What is Brazilian Bum-Lift Surgery?

Brazilian Bum-Lift, or BBL, is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the buttocks by adding fat from other parts of the body. The fat is taken out by liposuction and then injected into the buttocks. This gives a more curvy and fuller look to the buttocks and may also slim down the waist. However, BBL can be very risky if the fat is injected too far into the muscles. This can cause the fat to enter the blood vessels and travel to the heart or lungs, which can be fatal. That is why the UK banned BBL for four years and now advises surgeons to only inject fat under the skin. Mexico: 28-Year-Old Woman Lawyer Gets ‘Three For Price of One’ Offer on Fat Removal Cosmetic Surgery, Dies After Undergoing Treatment.

Demi’s family and friends are devastated by her loss. Her brother Carl said that they had tried to dissuade her from having the surgery, as she had already had some problems with previous dental work and another cosmetic procedure in Turkey. He warned others not to risk their lives for such surgeries.

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