Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour across India. It's a time for family, festivities, and, not to forget, the eagerly awaited Diwali bonus. However, there's a humorous tradition that has taken root in the workplace, where employees playfully tease their Human Resources (HR) departments when HR makes beautiful rangoli but doesn't give out bonuses. Of course, how else do we desi Indians express our feelings for the predicament? By creating a genre of Diwali rangoli memes that capture the humorous spirit of the season.

In some workplaces, HR departments add a creative twist to their Diwali celebrations by organizing rangoli-making competitions. If you are not aware, Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form where intricate and colourful patterns are created on the ground using materials like coloured powders, flower petals, and rice. Diwali Rangoli Designs 2023: Latest Diwali Rangoli Patterns To Make the 'Festival of Lights' Beautiful and Colourful.

HRs are often the target of funny memes and jokes when it comes to the corporate world. While HR's rangoli creations are often impressive and showcase the artistic talent within the department, they also become the subject of the craziest desi memes and jokes. Employees sometimes jest that they'd prefer a bonus instead of beautiful rangoli, and this playful dynamic has given rise to a variety of Diwali rangoli memes. 'Diwali Ki Safai' Funny Memes and Jokes Are Here! Ahead of Diwali 2023, Relatable and Hilarious Posts on Deep Cleaning the House Go Viral.

Many memes are mostly about the contrast between HR's stunning rangoli designs and employees' expectations of receiving a substantial bonus. Employees might express their delight at the rangoli's intricacy, all the while secretly thinking about bigger financial rewards.

Some memes showcase employees enthusiastically discussing their bonus expectations, only to be met with a stunning rangoli as their Diwali "reward. Diwali rangoli memes celebrate the spirit of Diwali in the workplace. While the memes may poke fun at the situation, they also highlight the joy and anticipation that comes with the festival. Check out some of the best Rangoli memes and jokes:


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It's important to note that these memes are created in good fun and don't necessarily reflect dissatisfaction with HR's efforts. Diwali rangoli memes are a charming and good-humoured aspect of Diwali celebrations in Indian workplaces. They bring a smile to employees' faces, serve as a lighthearted reminder of the bonus, and showcase the unique blend of art, culture, and laughter that makes Diwali such a special time of year.

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