Doctor Removes Three-Inch-Long Live Worm From Six-Year-Old's Nose in Vietnam, Video Goes Viral
Live worm in girl's nose (Photo Credits: Ky Sinh YouTube)

A doctor removed a three-inch-long worm from the nose of a six-year-old girl in Vietnam. The girl from Phin Ngan was taken to a doctor after she complained of discomfort near the nasal area. A video going viral on social media shows the doctor removing a wiggling worm out of the girl's nose using a pincer.

According to the Mirror, the doctor's believe that the worm entered the girl's nose while drinking water from a stream. The worm was quite small when she inhaled it with water, it grew bigger inside her nose. A Moving Lump in a Woman’s Face Turned out to be A Live Worm! View Pics of Migrating Dirofilaria Repens.

While children easily get scared at the sight of a needle, this girl appeared quite normal even seeing a pincer. She sat calmly and did not move or cause any trouble, patiently waiting for the doctor to remove the worm completely. Even after he took the worm out of the nose and showed it to her, she didn't appear scared at all. 100 Tapeworm Eggs Found in Eight-Year-Old's Gurugram Girl's Brain! Suffered from Epileptic Seizures and Headaches.

Here is the video (viewer discretion advised):

There have been such similar incidents in the past too. Earlier this year, a Russian woman wouldn't believe her eyes when she realised a moving lump on her face was a worm. She later got it removed by an ophthalmologist. In another incident, doctors removed fourteen tiny worms from an Oregon woman's eye. Video of doctors removing maggots from a woman's ear had also gone viral. The 92-year-old from Illinois had 57 maggots in her left ear.