Dogs Moxie and Miley Fight Snake to Save Baby in Kidapawan City in Philippines, Watch Heart-Touching Video
Dogs Fight Cobra to Save a Baby. (Photo Credits: Youtube/Screengrab)

Manila, July 25: Two dogs combined to form a deadly team as they killed a snake (cobra) before the serpent could do any damage to a one-year-old baby Skye, who was sleeping in the room where the snake tried to enter. However, in the process of saving the toddler, one of the dogs named Miley died and another lost its eye. The video has gone viral and is earning praises galore for the dogs who saved a baby. Pet Dog Saves Owner From Cobra Bite But Dies of Snake Poison in Tamil Nadu.

The incident took place at the Kidapawan City, Philippines. A video shows a black snake trying to enter the room where one-year-old Skye was asleep. However, the two dogs sensed the danger and tried to prevent the snake. Soon, a fight broke out between the snake and the dogs - Moxie (white dog) and Miley (Black Dog). Pet Dog Saves Owner from Being Bit by a Rattlesnake; Photos of Hero Taking the Nasty Bite on Face Goes Viral.

Watch the Video of Dogs Fighting the Snake Below

As can be seen in the video, the dogs bravely fought the cobra. Finally, the cobra was left lifeless after the fierce battle. However, after a while, Miley- the black dog, died following the poisonous bites by the cobra.

Moxie- the white dog survived but lost vision as the dog was left blind. Users on internet shared the video in large numbers and praised both the dogs for eliminating the snake and saving baby Skye. Comments poured in for Miley and rich tributes paid to the dogs for their heroic fight that saved a life.