Donald Trump Says It’s A Scary Time For Men, Singer Busts His Claims With A Sarcastic Song on Twitter! Watch Viral Video
Girl’s Sarcastic Song Busts Donald Trump’s Claims cary (Photo Credits: @mercedeslynz/ @realDonaldTrump/ Twitter)

The allegations by Dr Christine Blasey against America’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have sparked the latest reckoning about sexual assault and men’s treatment towards women, bringing #MeToo movement back to the fore. And much like every time, the United States President Donald Trump once again came out with his usual statements by emphatically defending Kavanaugh. He believes the reaction to the allegations makes it “a very scary time for young men in America.” While, it has triggered a lot of arguments, one woman from Texas has a brilliant response to Trump’s claim which is now going viral. A dance teacher by profession, Lynzy Lab created a political parody aptly titled, “A Scary Time” where she deflates US President’s assertion and sings why this is most definitely not a scary time for men across the globe. Time Magazine Puts Christine Blasey Ford on Its Cover. 

“I can’t walk to my car late at night while on the phone, I can’t open up my windows when I’m home alone, I can’t go to a bar without a chaperone and I can’t wear a mini skirt if it’s the only one I own,” Lynzy begins, picking up a ukulele. In an about two-minutes video, the young Texas teacher sings about male privilege and the many reasons women are in fear, ranging from being raped to feeling demeaned for speaking out to what she faced. She included the lyrics, which every woman would want to scream to those who hold President Trump-like thoughts. Some of the sarcastic lines go, “It’s really tough when your reputation’s on the line/ And any woman you’ve assaulted could turn up anytime/ Yeah, it sure is a scary time for guys. Donald Trump Victim Shames Christine Blasey Ford, Says ‘She Had ONE Beer Yet Can’t Remember Where She Was’. 

Listen to the parody, "A Scary Time" by Lynzy Lab. 

Although, Lynzy did not name Donald Trump or Kavanaugh in her song, she did refer to Ford who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a high school party in the 1980s. She sings, “I can’t speak out against my rapist after 35 years/ I can’t be taken seriously if I’m holding back tears/ and I can’t ever speak earnestly about all my fears/ But it sure is a scary time for dudes.” The Texas woman also serve a call to action in her song for people to take the initiative since, “It’s time for women to rise up/ Use our collective voice/ The day to vote’s November 6, so let’s go make some noise.” Post #MeToo Movement, Number of Workplace Sexual Harassment Claims Rise in US

Lynzy uploaded the video on Twitter on October 8, and in no time, it went viral gathering over 8 million views, and the count is still on. The United States President has been popular for objectifying women, sometimes criticising for their looks and even sexist remarks. From stating no one should vote for his former rival Carly Fiorina because of her face to suggesting that women should be “punished” for having abortions to the recent one— “A Scary Time” at the White House lawn defending Kavanaugh, he reportedly has been accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct. This song by Lynzy rightfully explains what it is to be a woman today.