Donald Trump Serves Fast Food to College Football Champs, Netizens Unimpressed
Donald Trump (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

With White House staff absent because of the partial government shutdown, Donald Trump threw a reception for the college football national champions Clemson Tigers with multitudes of Big Macs, whoppers, pizzas and fries -- by candlelight. It turns out the US president decided to share his passion for 'great American food', with the NCAA champions by serving them edibles from US fast food chains at the White House.

The reception was unusual because the White House caterers who provide delicacies for such events have been furloughed without pay due to the partial government shutdown. However, netizens were not impressed and tore into the gesture tweeting about it as well as Trump's love for junk food. Donald Trump Pays From His Pocket for Burgers and Fries to Treat Football Team Clemson Tigers at White House Amid Government Shutdown.

Here is what they wrote:

Was Clemson's coach okay with the food they were served?

Netizens are a not bit happy by Trump's spread

National champions deserve better?

This is not the first time the US president has been seen in the company of junk food. He has already been seen posing with fast food in his private jet during his campaigns and has also been known to praise them during one of his speeches.