Earth Day is the annual commemoration that highlights the importance of environmental conservation. Observed across the world on April 21, Earth Day plays a crucial role in increasing awareness on everything from conservation and preservation of the environment to the widespread impacts of global warming. As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day 2020 in solidarity with the world and the battle that we are together fighting, people often enjoy sending Earth Day quotes, Insta captions, images of Earth, sayings, important messages on the environment, sustainable living hacks, and more to wish people Happy Earth Day. How To Celebrate Earth Day 2020 At Home: From Making Upcycled Craft to Virtual Field Trips, Here's How You Can Do Your Bit For The Planet.

In the wake of the fast-paced changes in the climate, the increased deterioration of the environment, as well as as a reminder of peace and wellbeing of humankind as a whole, this celebration is immensely important. Earth Day serves as a reminder for all of us to do just that with great resilience and unflinching determination. Earth Day celebration is now more important than ever, as we battle this pandemic that has brought us all to a standstill and made us truly reflect on our choices. Whether it is the undeniable urge to over-hoard things we do not need to the sheer choices that we made, while taking this planet for granted, the lockdown has given us an opportunity to truly put our habits under the scanner. Inspirational Quotes for Earth Hour 2020: Thoughtful Sayings on Environment and Nature to Show You Care for the Green Planet.

Many of us have realised how grateful we truly are for the things in life that hold greater value and the fact that our nature and earth is what can truly bring us peace is as clear as it can be. In these scenarios, while having Earth Day special events and celebrations might be too much, it is always possible to bring in this celebration by sharing heart-touching Earth Day quotes, fun facts on the earth and our environment and more, with each other and spreading awareness about the importance of Earth Day. Earth Day 2020 Poems: 5 Instagram Share-Worthy Poems on Mother Earth To Read and Encompass the Beauty of Nature.

Earth Day 2020 Thoughts (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“Earth Provides Enough To Satisfy Every Man’s Needs, but Not Every Man’s Greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Earth Day Quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“The Earth Is What We All Have in Common.” – Wendell Berry

Earth Day 2020 Quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“On Earth There Is No Heaven, but There Are Pieces of It.” – Jules Renard

Quotes on Earth Day (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“The Earth Does Not Belong to Us: We Belong to the Earth.” – Marlee Matlin

Quotes on Earth Day 2020 (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“It Is Spring Again. The Earth Is Like a Child That Knows Poems by Heart.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Earth Day Thoughts (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“To Cherish What Remains of the Earth and to Foster Its Renewal Is Our Only Legitimate Hope of Survival.” – Wendell Berry

Earth Day 2020 Sayings (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“The Earth Has Grown a Nervous System, and It’s Us.” – Daniel Dennett

Earth Day Sayings (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“Earth Laughs in Flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We hope that these beautiful quotes stir your love and passion for this beautiful planet that is truly what we all have in common. Sure the celebration of Earth Day may be different this year, but we hope that it instils in you a spirit to fiercely fight for what is right, and stand for the betterment of this environment, that has always stood for you. The problems of global warming and climate change are most-definitely created by us, and so the solution also needs to stem from us. Happy Earths Day 2020!

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