We all are enjoying the company of animals, birds, reptiles, and mammals in the comfort of your homes with Google 3D Animals feature during the quarantine. And the list of animals available to view in 3D seems to be getting longer. Yes, there is an addition to Google 3D Animals list, and it is none other than an Easter Bunny. Yes, yes, yes, an adorable grey bunny with a cute blue bow tied around its neck. It has almost been a week Easter Sunday 2020 took place on April 12. But you would not mind welcoming Easter Bunny to your home. Here is how you can view Easter Bunny in 3D.

Google’s next 3D animal is the Easter Bunny. Simply do a Google Search on your phone for the phrase “Easter Bunny,” then tap on the “View in 3D” button on the information card. Next, if you’re using a compatible phone, you’ll see an option to “View in your space,” which will put the Easter Bunny next to whoever it is you point your camera at! Yes, you know how easy it is to see life-size animals at your will in your space. You can follow the instructions mentioned in the video here.


Coronavirus lockdown has got most of us staying at home and maintain social distancing. And it can get exhausting, especially for households that have kids in it. In such times, Google’s feature that provided users to view animals in 3D got everyone hooked and entertained. Google’s 3D Animal Feature brought the zoo and wildlife sanctuaries right inside homes. The list of available animals in 3D view included 1) Lion 2) Tiger 3) Cheetah 4) Shark 5) Hedgehog 6) Duck 7) Emperor Penguin 8) Wolf 9) Angler fish 10) Goat 11) Rottweiler 12) Snakes 13) Eagle 14) Brown bear 15) Alligator 16) 17) Shetland pony 18) Macaw 19) Pug 20) Turtle 21) Cat 22) Octopus 23) Dog 24) Deer 25) Ball Python 26) Racoon 27) Giant Panda 28) Pomeranian 29) Labrador Retriever 30) Rottweiler 31) Bulldog. With Easter Bunny’s inclusion in the list, we cannot wait to find out which animal/bird is in store next.

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