Elon Musk Trolls Warren Buffet on Twitter Saying He is 'Super Super Serious' About Starting a Candy Company
Elon Musk (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is planning to start a candy company. Yes, Musk took to Twitter revealing his new business plan getting everyone on the social media platform excited. And don't you think he is joking, because he added saying he is "super, super serious". He tweeted saying, "I'm starting a candy company & it's going to be amazing." The tweet which soon got people talking received over 1,620,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Twitterati soon started asking questions of how he came up with the plan for a candy company.  While some gave ideas, others had already placed demands for the candies hoping they are as good as his Tesla cars and SpaceX space exploration company. One of the replies to Musk's tweet read, "My candy better be airdropped from a space station or I want my money back," one person wrote."

Here are Elon Musk's tweets:

In a series of tweets, he also asked his followers what they wished for in a candy. His tweet read, "Ok ok, just for sake of argument, what do u wish for in candy?" Twitter seemed really excited by the candy idea, however, Musk was not revealing details of the company.

While tweeple suggested chocolate bitcoins and space rocks, Musk again tweeted saying, "Cryptocandy". So, all the talking about candies is not about a real sweet candy company, but a dig at billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

CEO Warren Buffett during the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting on Saturday told Musk to stay away from his See's Candies business. And responding to Musk saying "economic moats are "lame", Buffett said that moats are still a good idea.

So replying to which, Musk also tweeted saying, "Then I'm going to build a moat & fill it w candy." Adding he wrote, "Warren B will not be able to resist investing! Berkshire Hathaway kryptonite ..." So, was that a joke or is Musk's candy company on way? Do let us know your views in the comment section below.