Esther The Wonder Pig Beats Breast Cancer! Porky On The Road To Recovery After Life-Saving Surgery
Esther The Wonder Pig (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Esther, The Wonder Pig, is finally on the road to recovery after she beat breast cancer. The six-year-old celebrity piggy from Campbellville, Ontario successfully underwent life-saving surgery and is declared cancer free! Esther’s story began when she was adopted by her caretakers in 2012, when she was mistaken for a miniature pig. But within three years, she grew into a massive 650 pounds. Soon enough, the gigantic porky got herself her own Facebook page and over 1.3 million followers. She’s also the subject of her caretakers’ Steve Jenkin and Derek Walter’s book Esther The Wonder Pig.

But over time, her health started getting worse as she suffered from complications such as seizures and hyperventilation. They found that she was walking funnily, which they first attributed to her 650-pound size.

Unfortunately, diagnosing her became impossible because Jenkins and Walter couldn’t find a CT scanner big enough to scan her. They couldn’t get her to the US for a scan since there was a battery of criteria to clear. So they leveraged on her star power and managed to raise money for a large CT scanner to the Ontario Veterinary College in the University of Guelph. Chinese Man Spends Rs 25 Lakhs on His Glamorous Dog's Beauty Regime.

Esther with Steven Jenkins and Derek Walter

Esther The Wonder Pig

Scans revealed that she was suffering from breast cancer. But unfortunately, she couldn’t be given life-saving chemotherapy due to bureaucratic hurdles. Being a pig, Esther was classified under “food animals” who were barred from receiving certain types of treatment, unlike cats and dogs.

Luckily for Esther, chemotherapy wasn’t needed anyway. The vets managed to save her life with a timely surgery where four tumours and her lymph nodes were removed. Woman Finds Her Cute Pet Puppy of a Year is Originally a Fox, Sends it to a Zoo for Proper Care.

She’s now recuperating after her surgery and her faithful fans who helped raise $650,000 for the medical equipment that saved her life can heave a sigh of relief.