The US Presidential Election 2020 is ongoing, and the results are yet to be declared. With the third day running of the Presidential Election, people across the world are hooked with television to know who will be America’s 46th President. There have been many viral moments that have surfaced on social media during the past few days. Amid the election chaos, there comes footage that appears to show XXX website PornHub’s banner popping on CNN’s magic wall, behind anchor John King, while he was discussing the US Presidential Election 2020. The video has been widely circulated on social media. However, the footage in question is fake.

The video going viral on social media shows CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and John King. Blitzer can be seen dwelling on the endless counting of votes in the battleground state. Talking with him, King returned to his monitor, only to find the PornHub banner, which he swipes away and seems to give an off-camera look at whatever culprit was running the offstage. But did it really happen?

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