Coronavirus lockdown has been imposed all across the nation and the positive results are seen in terms of animals coming out on the city areas. Days into the complete lockdown in the nation, we saw reports of Civets in Kerala to peacocks and deers in the city of Mumbai. Videos of dolphins across the Mumbai shores also went viral. But amid all the nature is healing posts, a lot of fake pictures and videos are also being shared online. The latest one among them is a picture of peacocks, parrots and other birds gathered together on a street in a forest-like stretch. The beautiful photo has been shared on Twitter with a claim that it is from Chandigarh during the lockdown. But the same photo has been shared with different location claims like BHU, Coimbatore and Pune on social media platforms, pointing out that all of it is fake. The original picture is from at least 11 months ago or more and has nothing to do with the lockdown situation. Fact Check: Video of Wild Boars or Pigs Invading Streets of Coorg or Goa or Kolhapur is Not Effect of Lockdown, Know Truth About The Viral Clip.

The picture sees more than a dozen peacocks and peahens, along with a few parrots and pigeon-like birds pecking grains on a street. A Twitter user named  Dr. Roosy Aulakh shared it on her timeline with a caption, "Making the most of curfew in Chandigarh." While some appreciated the beauty of the picture, others claimed that the location is untrue. In the comments, one user said it was shared on Facebook stating its from Amravati. The user accepted that she does not know the source of the image. Well, let us tell you, it is an 11-month old picture and it has got nothing to do with the lockdown. But yes, it has been taken from Chattbir zoo in Chandigarh. Fact Check: Ooty Ghat Road Reclaimed by Herd of Deer? Know Truth Behind The Viral Image.

Check the Pic Going Viral Here:

Here's a Tweet That Says It is From BHU:

Another Claim From Pune:

While these differing claims do point out that it is fake, a reverse search on the image takes us back to several users who have also used the same image on Sharechat 11 months ago.

Check the Reverse Search Image Here:

Sharechat peacock image (Photo Credits: Sharechat)

There is also a safari video from Chattbir zoo in Chandigarh which was uploaded on YouTube, which shows the same scene of many peacocks gathered in the middle of the street.

Watch the Video From Chandigarh's Chattbir Zoo:

If you go towards the end of the above video, you will see a lot of peacocks gathered together. Notably, this video is from two years ago. The point we want to tell you, is yes, the image is true and it is from Chandigarh but it is an old scenario and has got nothing to do with the lockdown.

Fact check

Fact Check: Picture of Peacocks and Parrots Gathered Together is From Lockdown in Chandigarh, BHU or Coimbatore? Know Truth About The Viral Image
Claim :

Peacocks, peafowls and parrots spotted together in Chandigarh during the lockdown.

Conclusion :

It is an old picture from Chattbir zoo and has got nothing to do with the lockdown situation.

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