The fear of Coronavirus has gripped everyone around the world. And what's worrying more is the number of fake reports and misleading videos that are being spread online to cause fear and panic among the people. A video of a coronavirus-infected patient from the UK talking about the difficulties of breathing is being shared on social media as Sophie Trudeau, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's wife. Sophie Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19 a week ago. She is responding well to the treatment. Meanwhile, a video clip of a 39-year-old patient who warned people about the dangers of the disease is now being passed on as being Sophie Trudeau. Coronavirus Can be Cured by Boiled Garlic Water? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News.

The woman in the video is Tara Lane Langston who is battling Coronavirus at a hospital in England. She made a video to warn people about how dangerous the symptoms can get and why people really need to take it seriously. In the video, she says, "If anyone still smokes put the cigarettes down because I'm telling you now you need your lungs. And please, none of you takes any chances, I mean it. Because it gets really bad then you're gonna end up here." Dettol Knew About Coronavirus (COVID-19) Beforehand? Here's Truth from the Company About the Viral Image Claiming 'Disinfectant Kills Coronavirus'.

Here's The Video of Woman Talking About Coronavirus:

The above video went viral on social media few days ago, but now someone is sharing it again, claiming the woman is Sophie Trudeau. The video was shared on Facebook with a caption, "The Canadian PM’s wife. For people who are still not taking it seriously." But let us reassure you, it is not Sophie Trudeau but Tara Langston. The video, however, is very much real and serves a reminder that we should not take the COVID-19 lightly. It is not just the elderly who are getting affected, Langston needed about six litres of oxygen to breathe and she is recovering now.

Fact check

Fact Check: Video Claiming Sophie Trudeau Talking About Coronavirus is Fake, Know The Truth About Real Person in The Clip
Claim :

Woman talking about Coronavirus in viral video is Sophie Trudeau.

Conclusion :

The woman is not Sophie Trudeau, but another Corona infected patient from the UK.

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