Following the weeks of outrage over racism and giving preference to people of the fairer skin, a lot of beauty companies are changing their product descriptions and ads. Hindustan Unilever decided to drop the word "Fair" from their beauty cream Fair & Lovely. The move was appreciated as a game-changer but their new announcement of the name of Glow & Lovely hasn't impressed people it seems. Calling it a more "inclusive vision of Positive Beauty," the company rebranded their best selling Fair & Lovely to Glow & Lovely. But the word Glow hardly makes it any better and netizens are far from impressed. Funny memes and jokes about the rebranded name are trending on Twitter. There were similar memes even last week after the initial announcement.

The Indian arm of Unilever corporation made the announcement today of their skin cream. They dropped the word 'Fair' from both the creams for men and women and are now calling it 'Glow & Lovely' and 'Glow & Handsome'. They say their skincare portfolio will adopt more holistic vision towards beauty care and celebrate people of all skin colour. However, HUL's new word doesn't do much and netizens who have made their displeasure clear. They have responded to their 'glow treatment' with hilarious memes and jokes.

Check Funny Memes on Glow & Lovely: 

Where is the Sense?

Pagal Log!

New Ads Would Be Like...

Hahaha, So Apt!

Fair Word Be Like...

Before and After


Perfect GIF

There are more such funny reactions on the rebranding of the name. The cream Fair & Lovely since years has been associated with people hoping to get fairer skin. It fuelled an entire idea of fairer skin people being more beautiful and people thus wanting to become fairer. Today, society has changed and more accepting of all skins, changing the beauty standards, thus a lot of companies came under the scanner. Recently the US healthcare and FMCG giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has stopped the sale of its skin-whitening creams globally, including India. The move of dropping Fair from the name was lauded when the first announcement came in, but clearly the replacement word doesn't fit in the idea.

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