Female Seal With Plastic Net Around its Neck at Norfolk Coast Spotted, Heartbreaking Pic Goes Viral
Seal (Photo Credits: Pixabay/Representative Image)

The effects of plastic on our ecosystem has been horrifying. In a recent such case went viral on social media once again bringing back talks on discarding of one-time use plastic to nature. Photo of a female seal with plastic net tightened around its body has left social media users teary-eyed. The area around its neck has been terribly injured with blood stains on them due to repeated cuts from the net.

The sea animal which was spotted at Norfolk coast can be clearly seen struggling tangled in the net. It is an Atlantic Grey seal recognisable due to its white coats and black eyes. This comes after a heartbreaking photo of a baby seal with its umbilical cord still attached, resting its head on a plastic bottle at Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England where it was born went viral.

Paul Macro, a photographer from Norwich, clicked the animal in the terrible state at Blakeney Point in Winterton-on-Sea and immediately after ran to find a warden to help it. Blakeney Point is the largest seal colony in England and shows how plastic has clearly entered the ecosystem causing danger. The 44-year-old photographer said the seal was guarded by a bigger male.

Here are the photos of the seal tangled in plastic:

Daily Mail quoted Paul as saying, "It's heartbreaking', he said. 'You can see its sadness. I didn't want to approach it so I immediately found a warden from Friends of Horsey Seals. In front of her, you can see a big male and it's almost like he's looking after." Paul said that he called volunteers they said the seal could not be rescued.

Alison Charles, manager at the East Winch Wildlife Centre said, "There is fresh blood there and it looks like a really fine nylon netting to me. I just want to get my hands on them all and help them. It is frustrating but we do the best we can." Earlier too seals with injuries were spotted in the same area.